About us

SourceSelect focusses on matchmaking between IT-professionals and employers for both temporary and permanent employment. With many years of experience, we can call ourselves a specialist in recruiting and selecting professionals in the IT world. We give our all to find the perfect match for both professional and employer. The core values of our service will be explained below. 


SourceSelect was founded from passion and a lot of experience within the industry. The IT-industry is one of the fastest developing industries there is, that's what sparked our interest. Raphael, our founder and owner has been a professional in this industry for over 12 years and has met professionals from every different expertise. SourceSelect's distinctiveness lies in providing high quality service. SourceSelect always aims to actually understand the job offers and keeps investing to stay up to date with the newest developments in the industry. 

Way of working

At SourceSelect we realise the impact a new job had on all parties involved, both the professional and the employer. Besides the professional match we find it very important that the candidate suits the employer's team well. That's why we always search for a match on both of these aspects. We handle our business open and transparent; we provide our service throughout the entire procedure and we continue even the professional has started working for the employer. With SourceSelect we always aim for durable collaborations with both employers and professionals. You can clearly see this in our preferred way of working, which is called Detavast. This means that the professional will work on our payroll for a set amount of time before joining the employer's company without further barriers. 


During the process, SourceSelect takes the position of a consultant. This means we are actually looking to fully collaborate. This is only possible because our consultants have the in-depth knowledge to prove themselves. For IT-professionals this collaboration means that SourceSelect will be your partner during the entire process from the moment you first show interest up until when you are fully comfortable in your new challenge. For employers this also means we keep providing our service after the start of the professional, this makes sure the process is as easy as possible for both parties. 


SourceSelect's goal is to find the right match between employer and professional every single day. We try to achieve this by collaborating, level with both parties and by never settling for less than an ideal situation for every party involved. SourceSelect provides this service for both the employers and professionals in permanent and temporary jobs. 
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