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What can SourceSelect do for your company?

SourceSelect is a recruitment agency specialised in IT professionals and because of that the ideal partner for you to find the personnel for your outstanding job offers. Because we specialise, we can go more in depth and do better qualification of the job so we can come back with more ideal candidates. We know that being a member of the team has giant influence on the candidate, but definitely also for the employer and the chemistry in their team. That´s why we look for candidates that only fit the profile for the job offer but also fits the employer´s team.


At SourceSelect we strongly prioritise long-lasting cooperation's with our clients. That's why we mostly work in our ''Detavast'' construction, in this the candidate is on our payroll, and we solve any problems regarding him/her. After a set time the candidate is free to join your company with no limitations. Throughout the process our team strives to be transparent and pro-active. We don't just send over every resume, we actually distinct on expertise, experience and of course how well the candidate might fit into your IT-team. 


To remain focussed SourceSelect works in regions. This means the account manager knows exactly what's going on in your company and region. Want to know more? Definitely contact us! In the infographic to the right, we've explained what you can expect of us when we decide to cooperate.  
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