Working for

We are SourceSelect, a small recruitment agency with huge plans. We specialise in matchmaking for IT-professionals looking for both temporary and permanent jobs. We do this through either seconding or a ''detavast'' construction.  

We are now a company with just 7 employees working from an easily accessible location on Rivium in Capelle aan den Ijssel, near Rotterdam. Our ages range between 23-39 years, split evenly between both men and women. This year we'd like to expand to 8 employees with the goal for next year being about 12.  

Working remotely is not an issue at SourceSelect. Both the time and location you work in/at are flexible for us.  

The atmosphere of work at SourceSelect is informal, direct and there's a good balance between work and private life. We work hard but most importantly we like to work smart, which leaves enough room for leisure and fun activities. In recent history we've had plenty of company outings, for example an escape room or going to the Efteling. To add to that: if we make our target this year, we'll all visit an exotic location together! 

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